Grant Funding

The Yukon Law Foundation holds one or two general grant meetings each year. The Foundation funds law-related activities such as legal education, legal research for the reform of law and administration of justice, and maintenance of the law library. All interest earned on money from clients placed in lawyers’ trust accounts is paid by the banks to the Yukon Law Foundation. As a result, the amount of money that is available to the Foundation to pursue its objectives will vary from year to year.

  • The Spring Grant Application Deadline is April 30 annually.
    May, 2024: Due to technical issues with our website and email, the spring deadline this year has been extended to May 31.
  • The Fall Grant Application Deadline is August 31 annually.

The Yukon Law Foundation is established under the Yukon Legal Profession Act and its objectives are to fund several law-related activities as follows

  • Legal Education;
  • Law Library Maintenance; and
  • Legal Research for law reform and administration of justice.

The attached application form and guide will assist you in the development of a grant proposal, should you be interested in applying for funding.

The deadline for grant proposals is 3:00 p.m. on the closing date. Please keep this in mind when sending your applications through the mail. An electronic copy is preferred. Please e-mail

Grant proposal letter and Guide to Grant Funding Application Form  

Grant Funding Application (PDF) 

Grant Funding Application (MS Word) 

Grants Funded

21-01  Law Library Society of Yukon  WestlawNext subscription  $ 10,000.00
20-01  Canadian Institute for the Administration of Justice  Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters  $ 2,000.00
20-02  Mark Chandler  Family Law Mediation training  $ 3,190.36
20-03  Law Library Society of Yukon  WestlawNext subscription  $ 10,000.00
20-04  Yukon Public Legal Education Association  Redesign of website  $ 14,784.00
19-01  Law Library Society of Yukon  Legal Research Database Subscriptions  $ 10,000.00
18-01  Law Library Society of Yukon  Legal Research Database Subscriptions  $ 10,000.00
17-01  Yukon Public Legal Education Association  Production of legal guides  $ 7,500.00
17-02  Law Library Society of Yukon  Maintenance and enhancement of Public Law Library  $ 10,000.00
17-03  Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association  Try Judging website  $ 1,500.00
16-01  Law Library Society of Yukon  Legal Research Database Subscriptions  $ 5,000.00
16-02  Yukon Status of Women Council   Court Watch Yukon in Rural Yukon Project   $10,000.00
16-03  Skookum Jim Friendship Centre   Women's Legal Advocate Program   $2,700.00
15-01  Law Library Society of Yukon  Subscriptions  $10,000.00
15-02  Law Library Society of Yukon  New Books  $ 2,920.00
15-03  Northern Institute of Social Justice   Workshop on Indigenous Dispute Resolution   $ 1,723.40
14-01  Elizabeth Fry Society Yukon  Legal Workshop  $ 5,500.00
14-02  Law Library Society of Yukon  Law Source subscriptions  $ 9,888.00
14-03  Law Library Society of Yukon  Criminal Source database subscription  $ 4,537.00
14-04  Jennifer Cunningham  Prison Law Reform Project  $12,000.00 
14-05   Skookum Jim Friendship Centre  Family Support Outreach Project  $10,000.00
14-06  Law Library Society of Yukon  Textbooks  $ 3,593.00


Our Funding Programs

A fund for law-related activities such as education, legal research, legal aid, law reform and maintenance of the law library.
Spring Grant Application Deadline: Extended to May 31
Fall Grant Application Deadline: August 31
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A fund for scholarships that is made available for law or law related studies.
Application Deadline: August 31 each year
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Financial assistance for Yukon articling students attending bar admission courses outside the territory.
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